Liz Eggleston
Liz Eggleston Liz Eggleston Liz Eggleston Liz Eggleston

Liz Eggleston

Age: 35

Occupation: Vintage clothing dealer and historian

I am a dedicated follower of the British Boutique movement: a period from the mid Sixties through to the mid Seventies - and a little beyond. I have a pretty extensive collection of pieces by John Bates, Jean Muir, Ossie Clark, Biba, Janice Wainwright… right through to some of the most obscure designers and boutiques I have discovered in my researches…

...I think that the 1970s were an incredibly free, liberated time for clothes and culture. You had freedom to wear whatever style you wanted. People think in narrow terms of Glam Rock and Punk, but I see so much nostalgia for the Thirties, Forties and Fifties in there too. There’s just something about the way they synthesised those looks, and added something different and new. ...

...Life’s too short by far, and the modern world far too dreary, to worry about what other people think. Also, there is always a vintage look which will come naturally to you. Don’t force it by trying to copy other ‘vintage’ people. Always go back to primary sources and look at what real people were wearing every day. The more natural and comfortable you look, the less ‘hassle’ you’ll get - you’ll just look like ‘you’.

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