Betty Hobcraft
Betty Hobcraft Betty Hobcraft Betty Hobcraft Betty Hobcraft

Betty Hobcraft

Age: 26

Occupation: International Business Woman Extraordinaire

Uni was a particularly traumatic experience for me as there was so much work to do.  It wasn’t like a normal degree with only 3 hours lecture time it was all day EVERY day.  I didn’t have time to think about my appearance or what I was wearing so when I finished Uni and actually had spare time again I wanted to start exploring my image again and having fun with clothing.

I tend to dress predominantly in a 40s style when I am dressing up, and when I’m dressing casually, probably more 50s.  But I don’t restrict myself to a certain era; I am more attracted to a fabric or a shape of a garment rather than which era it came from.  And I’m not a purist, I love wearing repro and occasionally the odd cheeky splurge on a modern designer dress……..but only if it is a vintage or ‘classic’ shape.

I love the 40s for the fabrics and colours of fabrics.  Because times were tough because of the war, it seems people kept up their morale with cheerful clothing.  I love that they weren’t afraid of colour and a good novelty print. 

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